Andrew Friedhof

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Andy writes film and television.

Andy won the 2020 Aussie Blacklist with his screenplay MOTHER MOUNTAIN which led to a blind script deal from Warner Bros. Four of his original screenplays are in active development with Oscar-winning producers in the US with an additional two feature scripts optioned to Australian producers.

He was named a 2015 Nicholl Fellow from the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for his script GREAT FALLS, one of five winning scripts selected from 7000 international entries. 

Friedhof was included on Tracking Board’s “2014 Young and Hungry” list thanks to his well-received spec THREE PERCENT OF NOTHING.

Previous non-screenwriting credits include the 2008 UTS Anthology (We All Need A Witness), McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and regular contributions to Thurunka Magazine.

Andy holds a Masters of Creative Writing and a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering.