Brendan Cowell & Lally Katz’s THE DOG /THE CAT opened at Belvoir

June 23rd, 2015 by Sarah Louden

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THE DOG/THE CAT is a double bill of two 40 min new works directed by Ralph Myers which opened Saturday 20th June. THE DOG written by Brendan Cowell is about two housemates sharing a dog and a love interest. THE CAT by Lally Katz is a story of divorce and custody of their pet cat. The two separate pieces are both romantic comedies.

Described in Sydney Morning Herald by Garry Maddox as: “Light but far from slight, this double bill of romantic comedy is hands-down the sharpest and most entertaining show we’ve seen at Belvoir this year.”

“Cowell’s is the more biting of the two (particularly if you work in a script assessment capacity), laugh-out-loud funny and particular to this city in this time. Katz’s play is lighter in tone, surreal and charming.”

Daily Review‘s Ben Neute reviewed the play with 4 stars describes the play as feeling “more than a little spoiled after this treat”.

“The plays run for about 40 minutes each and pack in plenty of laughs with classic awkward rom com exchanges and up-to-the-minute references — Cowell on Tinder, Katz on Beyonce and Jay-Z, and both on capoeira… Really, this is how you do a double bill of two short plays — they’re thematically linked (and subtly linked in several other ways) but the individual voices of the playwrights come through loud and clear.”

The Australian‘s John McCallum said “Cowell’s and Katz’s scripts are stuffed full of in-references and clever gags that inner-city audi­ences will enjoy. There is a great deal of comedy and many sentimental points of connection between these mostly naive characters.”

Rebecca Whitton expands on the plays in Australian Stage “Cowell’s play is not without depth. Along with the blokey good humour, it is quite serious in its sensitive portrayal not only of the pain of loss, but also the ability of new friendships to both heal and inspire.

Lally Katz’s The Cat has the same director and actors. It is just as comic and touching as The Dog, but it is far more deliciously fanciful. In a clever touch, demonstrating they are companion pieces, Katz occasionally echoes phrases from Cowell’s play in hers.”

The show is running until 26th July at downstairs theatre, tickets are available on Belvoir websitePhoto by Brett Boardman