Critical acclaim for THE BACCHAE, composed by Kelly Ryall

October 16th, 2015 by Sarah Louden

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Adena Jacobs’ and Aaron Orzeckin’s production of THE BACCHAE has opened at the Melbourne Festival, with a score composed by Kelly Ryall. A contemporary re-imagining of Euripides’ classic Greek tragedy of the same name, this production is relocated to modern Australia and performed brilliantly by a collaborating ensemble of young female actors and musicians.

The on-stage drama is brilliantly supported by the music of Kelly Ryall, whose score has been praised by critics including Chris Boyd of The Australian, who said, “Design elements, music, choreography, spoken and sung words hang in sometimes mutinous isolation. Or else they chafe and spark”.

Alison Croggon of ABC Arts has also commended Kelly’s score, writing, “We are wound into a series of dances, songs and recitations, driven by a brilliant score by Kelly Ryall that’s performed live on stage”.

Owen Richardson of the Daily Review also praised the on-stage performance of Kelly’s score for creating an “unforgettable” piece of theatre, writing, “Musicians take their place along the right hand wall — the drummer in particular will play a leading part in the sound design, and there is singing to Kelly Ryall’s music in the minimalist style: a boy soprano (Julian de Marco) comes on… and the dancing begins”.

THE BACCHAE plays at Theatre Works in St Kilda, Melbourne, until 24th October. Tickets are available on the Melbourne Festival website. Photo by Pia Johnson.