Lally Katz’s A DOLL’S HOUSE opens to rave reviews

September 29th, 2014 by Justine Goss

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Lally Katz’s interptation of Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE opened September 10 at La Boite as part of the Brisbane Festival.

This is what a couple of the critics are saying:

“Overall this is a brilliant attempt at a re-interpretation of one of the greatest political plays of all time. With director Steven Mitchell Wright’s in-your-face direction and Lally Katz’s inventive new script, it can hardly fail.” Alison Cotes, Daily Review

 “You can hear Lally Katz’ fast-paced, bold and story-book voice in the work, which brings new life to the play without betraying the original.” Cassandra Ramsay, Australian Stage

 “This is an adaptation by the current holder of Australian theatre’s “edgy playwright” mantle, Lally Katz, who turns impressions-are-everything banker Torvald Helmer (Hugh Parker) into an internet porn enthusiast and retro-fitting Nora into a modern career aspirant saying, “We’ve got to talk”, while wearing a killer little black dress. Mercifully, however, the spine of the story remains in Ibsen’s rather capable hands.”  The Australian

“The most noticeable changes – and, in my view, the most powerful – are some script edits to Nora’s epic monologue near the end of the last act. The rage-filled rant is already a powerful, direct attack on her husband’s disgraceful disrespect for her and on society’s sexist assumptions” Andrew Messenger, Limelight Magazine