Shane Abbess

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After finishing film school Shane made a wide range of experimental short films with an eye to developing a unique style in both approach and execution. Shane’s first feature film GABRIEL was released in 2007. This tiny budget film (200K budget) was bought by Sony Screen Gems and became one of the most successful independent movies ever to come out of Australia.

After this, Shane spent several years in LA setting up a series of profile projects and decided to make an experimental film back in Australia called INFINI (800k budget) Released in 2015, Infini would go on to garner much success worldwide and attract a large cult audience while also cementing Shane’s reputation for fiercely immersive, actor driven sets and process.

Shane’s latest film is SCIENCE FICTION VOLUME ONE – THE OSIRIS CHILD. The film was released worldwide late 2017 and has had an overwhelmingly positive response on the international festival circuit.

Shane is attached to direct TEAMMATES, a film about the Chicago Cubs incredible 2016 World Series win.