THE SUBLIME by Brendan Cowell opened August 22

September 8th, 2014 by admin

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THE SUBLIME by Brendan Cowell is being performed at Melbourne Theatre Company until October 4.

The play features two football player brothers are accompanied by a young girl promising athlete to Thailand, it leads the audience to question who is the victim in sexual scandals.


“What is most unsettling, and perhaps most interesting, in this play is the moral ambiguity of the story that makes it difficult to discern who is the real victim.” Herald Sun review

“One thing Brendan Cowell can’t be accused of is oversimplification. The Sublime is as ethically knotty as it is clear-eyed.” The Australian review

“Brendan Cowell’s adrenaline-charged three-hander on football and sex scandals receives a fast and furious production at the MTC. If every new Australian play was handled with such energy and skill, we’d be laughing.” SMH review

“This combination of revulsion and attraction is so affecting that there were moments when I wondered if this play might be something truly great. Perhaps it is? There’s an honesty and passion to it which is shocking, and not at all politically correct.” Daily Review review