Anna Barnes’ LETHAL INDIFFERENCE has world premiere at STC

Anna Barnes’ debut play LETHAL INDIFFERENCE opened to rave reviews at STC’s Wharf Theatre on Friday night.

The semi-autobiographical play explores the experiences of a young woman who lands a job in public relations for a family violence legal service.  It tells the story of a woman’s fight to survive and the tragic consequences of society’s complicity with domestic violence.

See below a collection of reviews:

“Barnes writes the play very cleverly. She weaves in all kinds of observations by her female narrator, allowing for some gentle humour and welcome humanity…” –
Limelight Magazine

“The more you explore it, the more you realise it’s just such a carefully crafted piece,” Barclay says, of Barnes’ script. “Everything informs everything else – it’s so accumulative.”  – The Guardian

“Through the telling of that story, which Barnes condenses into a gripping, journalistic account, LETHAL INDIFFERENCE shines a hard light on the issues faced by women in family violence situations and the shortcomings of frontline government services, the police, and a legal system that requires a survivor to confront an abuser in court” – Audrey Journal

LETHAL INDIFFERENCE runs until March 10.