Stunning reviews for Kip Williams’ THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI

STC’s Resident Director and Yellow client Kip Williams debuted THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO to Sydney audiences on Saturday night.

Starring Hugo Weaving in the lead role, the play was originally a satire on the rise of Hitler but carries equal weight in a Trump-led free world, posing the question “how do we let a man like that come to power?”.

See below a collection of reviews:

“The interplay of live performance and video is superbly done, intensifying the visceral impact of the production (which is rife with violence) and heightening the drama as the cameras pan in for close-ups and show us different perspectives” – The Sunday Telegraph

“They (Williams & Wright) have turned what can be a somewhat misshapen long night into a two-and-a-bit hour rollercoaster ride of laughter, horror and recognition. It’s concise, gripping and great.”  Stage Noise

Williams’ new production of The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui is a theatrical powerhouse, with bold stagecraft and an exciting cast all clustered around a stunning central performance.” – Australian Stage

Brecht’s epic theatre, which ask audiences to use their heads not their hearts, is deliberately alienating and can be hard to pull off. But Kip Williams’ production has the goods – compelling, innovative and utterly relevant. It is irresistible. – Sydney Morning Herald

THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI runs until April 28, click here for more information.