Mel Page and Michael Hankin design featured in A CHRISTMAS CAROL

November 24th, 2014 by jean

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A CHRISTMAS CAROL opened on the 12th of November, with Mel Page designing costumes and Michael Hankin designing the set.

Here is what the reviews are saying:

“Michael Hankin’s set is a honeycomb of trapdoors and moving platforms, age-old devices which have lost none of their breathtaking ingenuity and simplicity, and are used to tremendous effect here. Used in conjunction with simple items of set – chairs, desks, tables, benches – brought on as required, and the ever-inventive Mel Page’s costumes – a seamless (albeit anachronistic) melange of styles from cod-Victorian right through to the present day – there is never a moment short of humble theatrical verve which seems drawn from a childlike sense of wonder, creativity and memory.” Glenn Saunders, The Spell of Waking Hours

“Michael Hankin’s set design is cleverly conceived and efficiently executed, with trapdoors and an elevating platform maximising theatrical effect with little fuss. …The show will be remembered for several outlandish costume pieces by Mel Page, but her more subtle work is also effective and should not be overlooked.” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“Costumed for something approximating a 1950s northern hemisphere winter (designer Mel Page) and with fluttering snow flakes providing atmospheric and imaginatively humorous relief from the all-pervasive gloom, there is tangible tenderness and affection between the actors that happily crosses the footlights.” Diane Simmonds, Stage Noise

“There are many tricks and surprises in Michael Hankin’s set” John McCallum, The Australian

“Played on a broad, steeply-raked stage designed by Michael Hankin, Sarks’s production is bold in its simplicity” Jason Blake, Eight Nights A Week

“From the stage and the performances, magic emerges, complete with mountains of falling snow, trapdoors, stunning lighting through the whole space (Benjamin Cisterne), carols and costumes (Mel Page) which all shout ‘Christmas!’” Ben Neutze, Daily Review

A CHRISTMAS CAROL is playing at Belvoir Street Theatre until Christmas Eve, tickets and show times can be found on the Belvoir website.