Nick Coyle’s QWEEN LEAR to premier at Sydney Festival

Nick Coyle’s QWEEN LEAR has been announced as part of the Sydney Festival. Nick has adapted the classic Shakespearian tale KING LEAR and transformed it into QWEEN LEAR, a glimpse into the fierce politics of the drag world.

See Limelight’s take on the event below and find further details here.

Sydney Festival: Qween Lear

Two parts theatrical extravaganza, one part dance floor, Qween Lear explores the demise of Sydney’s party era through the tale of an ageing drag matriarch abdicating their nocturnal throne. Forget what you know about cabaret and music theatre – this is an electrifying theatre experience and a party in one hit.

A joyous love letter to the legends and legendary stories of Sydney’s lost nightlife is realised in epic fashion. Set over one night around the turn of the millennium, Qween Lear pulses with a dazzling light show, throbbing original score and Australia’s fiercest performers, including Minnie Cooper (Australia’s Got Talent, Sleaze Ball), Michael Cormick (Beauty and the Beast), Jay Wymarra (Rhianna Mation), Sean Miley Moore (X Factor UK, The Voice AU), Etcetera Etcetera (RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, My Kitchen Rules) and Morgan Palmer (We Will Rock You, The Book of Mormon).

The story of Sydney’s nightlife is inseparable from its queer history. Sparked by the 1978 Mardi Gras protest, the birth of house music, and a flourishing queer counterculture, our fair and feisty city gained an untouchable reputation for hedonistic nightlife in the eighties and nineties. Hordern Pavilion parties were the red-hot and sweaty epicentre of this fantasy world of love, fetish and house music, a place to be daring, debaucherous and live like there’s no tomorrow…

Everyone knew Sydney was the place to party – until it wasn’t.

Dress like you mean it and immerse yourself in the excess and ecstasy of an era gone, but not forgotten.

It’s high time for another Hordern Pavilion party.