Reg Cribb’s THOMAS MURRAY receives rave reviews

January 28th, 2016 by Sarah Louden

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Reg Cribb’s THOMAS MURRAY AND THE UPSIDE DOWN RIVER had it’s world premiere at Griffin on the 13th January and is receiving rave reviews.

The season is running from now until the 30th January. Check the Griffin website for more details.

“So I add my voice to the string of observers hailing Reg Cribb as one of the foremost of Australia’s writing talents. Thomas Murray and the Upside Down River flipped many of my notions about Australian Theatre similarly upside down, and swept me along with its sharply observed, richly poetic and deeply moving prose. The excited buzz amongst the audience seemed to signify I was not alone. It is a powerhouse start to the Griffin season and a work you really shouldn’t miss.”  Dennis Clements The Australian Stage

Reg Cribb is a writer whose imagination catches fire when presented with the everyday dramas and dreams of “ordinary” Australians. His Last Cab to Darwin, play and film, are evidence of that: a small-scale epic of love, pain, death and redemption with a leavening of caustic humour on the side. Thomas Murray and the Upside Down River is in the same league and possibly even more ambitious.” Diana Simmonds Stage Noise

“There’s an enjoyable bigness to Reg Cribb’s new play…The setting? Big. The themes? Huge. Nothing less than the whitefella’s place in this country, the future of the bush in a drying climate, and need to acknowledge and accept responsibility for environmental and genocidal crimes.”  Jason Blake SMH

“A perfect crucible to focus the sweeping nature of the story… I could see the filmic potential of the text … – it was a privilege to see these character journeys in close up.” Dennis Clements, The Australian Stage