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AACTA Award winner Rita Carmody

September 12th, 2023

Last week Rita Carmody won the AACTA Award for her work as a Costume Designer on the Netflix international sensation HEARTBREAK HIGH. Congratulations to Rita for the award and the fantastic work she did on the show.

At the end of November, Rita Carmody joined a delegation of actors, crew, writers, directs and producers from the MAKE IT AUSTRALIAN campaign in Canberra to deliver a direct message to policymakers. The campaign is advocating for streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ to be required to invest a minimum of 20% in Australian stories. […]

Netflix has officially renewed the reboot of the classic Australian Teen Dramedy for a second season. The show, which is produced by Fremantle Australia and NewBe, launched September 14 on the streamer and amassed more than 42.6 million hours viewed in its first three weeks, putting it on Netflix’s top 10 lists. Gracie Otto directed the […]

It has been fabulous year for YCM clients with many being nominated for AACTA’s. Congratulations to all of our nominated clients. Gracie Otto was nominated in the Best Director in Drama or Comedy for her direction of Episode 1 of HEARTBREAK HIGH. Rita Carmody was also nominated for her work on HEARTBREAK HIGH in the […]

HEARTBREAK HIGH has been a smash hit on Netflix since it’s September release dominating worldwide top tens in 43 different countries clocking more than 33 million hours of viewing time and over 12.5 billion TikTok views. Directed by Gracie Otto with costume design by Rita Carmody.

The reboot of Heartbreak High is coming soon to Netflix! This eight-episode series is inspired by the original ’90s series, but totally reimagined for a new generation. Directed by Gracie Otto and costume design by Rita Carmody. The highly anticipated show will air on Netflix on September 22nd 2022. Image – Seiya Taguchi