THE VISITORS – Production Design by Elizabeth Gadsby

★★★★ “Designer Elizabeth Gadsby has created an evocative set.” Limelight

A new production of the award-winning THE VISITORS is playing as part of Sydney Opera House’s 50th anniversary program. Co-produced by the Sydney Theatre Company and Moogahlin Performing Arts with Production Design by Elizabeth Gadsby.

★★★★★ “The simple yet detailed staging by Elizabeth Gadsby replicates a beautifully imagined coastal landscape of Sydney. A contrast to this homage is portrayed in Gadsby’s anachronistic costuming.” Time Out

“Production design by Elizabeth Gadsby provides a juxtaposition of native and alien in a way that inspires greater complexity to how we may choose to conceive of this iteration of the colonial experience. The unmistakably Western mode of dress is challenging but valuable as a reminder of the hegemony under which we are conducting these discussions.” Suzy Goes See