Anchuli Felicia King’s GOLDEN SHIELD will be first Next Stage commission to be produced

Young playwright Anchuli Felicia King has exploded onto the theatre scene, with two world premiere plays being to be released in 2019.

GOLDEN SHIELD, which is set to be performed in September 2019 at MTC will make King the first writer to have their Next Stage commission produced.


‘A debut with blockbuster appeal… an explosive mix of action, seduction, intrigue and courtroom drama.’ SMH


Golden Shield is a dynamic corporate drama, interweaving the story of multiple players across the globe. Set in 2006, the Chinese government is looking to Silicon Valley to create firewalls intended to ‘protect’ their citizens from the unknowable dangers of the internet.

The play centers on a Chinese dissident who is trying to hold tech companies accountable and the young Asian-American lawyer prosecuting them on his behalf.

King blends political realism with the non-naturalistic element of The Translator, who interjects regularly to translate from Mandarin to English, but also to translate the subtext of what the characters are saying, or withholding. This adds another dimension to the storytelling.


You can read the MTC feature on King here.