CYRANO DE BERGERAC opens at Sydney Theatre Company

CYRANO DE BERGERAC opened 15th November at Sydney Theatre Company with Alice Babidge designing set and costumes and Damien Cooper as the lighting designer.

“Alice Babidge’s theatrically framed set and costume designs, full of historical references, are absolutely right for this faithful but slightly ironic rendering of a play that always had its tongue a little bit in its cheek. She rings the changes, from act to act, very well. She does the fog of war literally, and the final autumnal scene, to which this whole production has been leading, is spectacular.
…There is some great lighting by Damien Cooper, especially in the fifth act.” John McCallum, The Australian

“…Alice Babidge’s set is a combination of impressionistic and representative — the bare black walls of a theatre, a large, raised catwalk surrounding the stage and a small, classical proscenium arch in the centre of the space.

…In fact, everything about this production is pure theatre — from Babidge’s period costumes, complete with feathers and leather, through to Damien Cooper’s lighting, which not only sets moods, but tells the story — his lighting state between the penultimate and final scene is truly spectacular and indicates the passing of time… Even the wigs are the best I’ve ever seen on stage, including Eryn Jean Norvill’s towering blonde curls and Josh McConville’s enviable bangs.” Ben Neutze, Daily Review

“The relatively simple design of the production uses the vast Sydney Theatre stage wonderfully and kudos also to the costume and wig department — they all look great.” Chris Hook, Daily Telegraph

“A minimalist aesthetic has been applied to the telling of the story with designer Alice Babidge (with Renee Mulder as her creative associate) stripping the stage to a black box.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


CYRANO DE BERGERAC is running until December 20, tickets are available at the Sydney Theatre website.