WHITE PEARL by Anchuli Felicia King opens to rave reviews in Sydney

WHITE PEARL by Anchuli Felicia King has opened to rave reviews at Parramatta Riversides Theatre. The Sydney Theatre Company co -production features Yellow Clients Anculi Felicia King (Playwright and AV designer), Priscilla Jackman (Director) and Damien Cooper (Lighting Designer)

Critics are saying:

 “Most brilliantly, the writing doesn’t so much spoon feed as it does offer an opportunity to divulge in complicated concepts on a global scale, such as the nuances between diaspora and homeland Asians, and the traumas attached to belonging in liminal spaces. King’s assured approach to her female characters – equally magnetic as they are spiky – reflects exactly what makes her play so riveting: the unapologetic display of blemishes and imperfections.” ★★★★ Timeout 

“Jackman directs with scrupulous attention to detail and with panache in her casting and her dynamic choreography of bodies” ★★★★ Sydney Morning Herald 

“Director Priscilla Jackman embeds ensemble scenes with a thrumming rhythm and a brisk tempo to let the words fall into place with zinging vitality. Though there are many intricate layers, Jackman knits the play’s ideas into a cohesive whole, making it digestible and thought-provoking without sacrificing any of its tough messages.”  ★★★★ Timeout 

“It is a sensational piece of writing, thoroughly researched and passionately rendered. White Pearl throws us into a cauldron of frenzied chaos, but each line of dialogue is crafted with immense precision, for an insightful examination not only of capitalism and racism, but also of the classism and sexism that govern so much of how these characters operate” Suzy Goes See

WHITE PEARL by Anchuli Felicia King is playing at the Parramatta Riversides Theatre from Oct 24 — Nov 9, 2019.

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