Hannah Reilly

Directors, Writers

Hannah Reilly is an award winning Australian writer, director, lyricist and performer.

Hannah originally developed THE DEB into a full-length musical after she was awarded the ATYP Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission in 2018.  Hannah wrote and directed a live stage version of THE DEB which opened the eponymous Rebel Theatre in Sydney’s Walsh Bay theatre district in 2022. That same year the Guardian ranked THE DEB as one of the 15 greatest Australian musicals ever. THE DEB was also announced as a feature film at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The screenplay was written by Hannah, and will serve as Rebel Wilson’s directorial debut. The film will be produced in partnership with AI/Unigram and award-winning Australian production company Bunya Productions.

Previously Hannah wrote, directed and presented the primetime TV show GROWING UP GRACEFULLY. Her comedic songs from the show have been viewed more than 25 million times on Facebook and YouTube. SHEILAS – a comedy series about forgotten women of history – which Hannah wrote and directed won an Australian Writers Guild Award and the Grand Jury Prize at Melbourne Web Fest and Gold Coast Film Festival.

Hannah has been supported by Screen Australia to take up a 6 month position working with Invention Studios in LA collaborating with Nicky Weinstock which she starts early 2024.

Hannah was mentored by Tony-nominated writer/composer Eddie Perfect and she currently has multiple screen projects in development, as well as developing works under her own company banner Most Improved Productions.