Natassia Halabi


Natassia Halabi is a screenwriter and actor born in Sydney Australia to a Muslim Syrian father and an Australian/European mother. Natassia has a passion to create television series which focus on strong, diverse female characters for the US, international and Australian markets.

Natassia’s spec pilot RAGHEAD placed in the Top 10 in US screenwriting competitions ‘Tracking Board’s LAUNCHPAD’ and ‘SHORE SCRIPTS’.

Recently Natassia co-founded production company WOAH BANDIT TELEVISION with showrunner Rick Kalowski. Together, they’ve created half-hour comedy MUMFLUENTIAL about Mummy Influencers in Byron Bay and they’ve collaborated on THE MECHANIC; Natassia’s one-hour crime drama series.

Natassia spent time living in Saudi Arabia as a child for her father’s work at Saudi Aramco and began her career as a corporate lawyer in Australia before deciding her passion was in performance and storytelling.