Tania Lambert ACS

Directors Of Photography

Tania Lambert ACS is an award winning cinematographer with a keen eye for composition and lighting and a desire to tell stories, which move people in every way.

Tania has extensive experience in drama, TVCs, music videos, documentary & promos. Tania is currently setting up the look on the Matchbox series, Critical Incident. Prior to this, she worked on the SBS/Lingo series, Erotic Stories and Bad Behaviour, a psychological drama series produced by Matchbox Pictures/STAN. Her last film Here Out West, an anthology film directed by five female directors incl. Ana Kokkinos and Leah Purcell opened Sydney Film Festival in 2021. She has also worked as 2nd Unit DOP on series such as STAN’s The Gloaming and ABC Wakefield.

Other highlights include a coming of age drama/horror, Patricia Moore, the teen feature film Rip Tide with Debby Ryan, Trent O’Donnell’s The Moody’s, Nakkiah Lui’s Kiki and Kitty as well as international multi award winning web series High Life starring Odessa Young & Milly Alcock.

She has won numerous ACS awards for her dramas, commercials and music videos including a National ACS award for her work on ‘Wakefield’ and State awards for Patricia Moore, The Ruben’s ‘Lay It Down’ feat. Abbie Cornish & The Gloaming. Tania was honoured to receive her ACS accreditation in 2018.